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Industry: Medical, Equipment
Location: Cook, IL
Listed Price: $ 2,200,000
Gross Revenue: $ 1,167,400
Cash Flow: $ 718,500
Listing ID: 19200
Description: This is a turnkey business that is facing explosive market expansion.  With the aging baby boomer population looking to retire in the next 5-10 years, the need for home health ...
Industry: Home Improvement, Garden Center
Location: IL
Listed Price: $ 1,200,000
Listing ID: 19100
Description: Established in 1960, this is the description of turn-key.  The owners have kept the business up-to-date and run it profitably with clean books.  The business is always rated “Best in ...
Industry: home health care
Location: mchenry, IL
Listed Price: $ 950,000
Gross Revenue: $ 1,880,923
Cash Flow: $ 365,974
Listing ID: 16002
Description: Business Activity: This is a great business oportunity in a growing market! This business was started in 2009 and has consistently experienced success in their marketplace.  The  JACO certified agency ...
Industry: Medical Practice, Home Care
Location: cook, IL
Listed Price: $ 875,000
Gross Revenue: $ 667,600
Cash Flow: $ 312,580
Listing ID: 16004
Description: This home visiting physicians practice with over  600 patients  is committed to providing comprehensive physician services by qualified, accredited physicians in the comfort of the patient’s home. This convenient health ...
Industry: cleaning
Listed Price: $ 699,000
Gross Revenue: $ 1,500,000
Cash Flow: $ 490,000
Listing ID: 18060
Description: This business was established in 1992 and has grown exponentially each year.  They have a well established reputation for providing excellent cleaning, janitorial service and customer service.    Because they ...
Industry: Construction, Paving
Location: IL, IL
Listed Price: $ 650,000
Listing ID: 18030
Description: This business was established nearly 30 years ago and has a reputation for quality work at fair prices.  This non-union shop has a good mix of experienced long-time employees and ...
Industry: Heating & Air Conditioning
Location: mchenry, IL
Listed Price: $ 300,000
Gross Revenue: $ 300,000
Cash Flow: $ 100,000
Listing ID: 18040
Description: Business Activity: This highly reputable and family – owned service business specializes in all HVAC services and duct cleaning for both commercial and residential clients.  Services include: Heating & Air ...
Industry: Education
Location: Dupage, IL
Listed Price: $ 139,000
Gross Revenue: $ 192,000
Cash Flow: $ 59,220
Listing ID: 14009
Description: Extremely Popular and Profitable After-School Math & English Learning center in Chicago’s Western suburb, an absolute leader in market segment. Opened  in 2009, this business has successfully grown and established ...
Industry: Window Tinting
Location: Johnson, ks
Listed Price: $ 125,000
Gross Revenue: $ 409,621
Cash Flow: $ 197,005
Listing ID: 16021
Description: Business Activity: This business was established in 1987 and is located within the Kansas City metro area and serve drivers, homeowners, and businesses throughout the Kansas and Missouri areas. This ...
Industry: Home care
Location: mchenry, IL
Listed Price: $ 115,500
Gross Revenue: $ 395,308
Cash Flow: $ 108,000
Listing ID: 16001
Description: This profitable business was started in 2002 and provides superior non-skilled home care to seniors and others that require their services such as special needs or those recovering from illness ...
Industry: home care
Location: dupage, il
Gross Revenue: $ 2,475,482
Cash Flow: $ 330,893
Listing ID: 19050
Description:  This is a fantastic opportunity to purchase a turnkey operation in 2 key territories from one of the premier home care franchises!  The 2 territories are run by 1 office ...